My name is Glenn Jackson and I am a web project manager from Toronto, Ontario.    For the last 16 years I have been designing, developing and deploying websites for hundreds of small to large sized businesses throughout southern Ontario and the rest of Canada.  These days my focus has shifted to web efficiency – how to get things done quickly, within budget and most of all, to meet expectations.

These goals are met with proper management -

  • the management of goals;
  • the management of talent;
  • the management of time;
  • the management of money; and
  • the management of process.

It is my job to harness and minimize the risks and lead a process that benefits all.

I have been a self-employed web developer since 1997.  I specialized in design, front-end coding, back-end programming (including PHP and MySQL databases) and putting everything together into one fully functioning website.  I have managed site processes, written audits, managed social media campaigns and been a successful content strategist.

Call me if you are ready to do any of the following…

  • evaluate your current online environment and the methods you use to reach your audience;
  • to initiate change within your organization’s online strategy;
  • find and hire a dedicated web team to undertake your online initiatives;
  • develop, organize and mange a web project from start to finish;
  • train team members to get the most out of them;
  • turn your organization’s online goals into reality.
Contact Me
Call me:  (905) 640-5990
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Tweet me:  @webprocess
Facebook me:  /glennjacksonca

My Strengths
  • analytical thinker
  • very well organizied
  • always aim for perfection
  • thinks outside the box
  • excellent evaluator
  • able to plan articulately
  • learns quickly
  • great teacher

How I Can Help You
  • true team player
  • vast knowledge of technologies
  • easy going, free thinker
  • keeps on top of todays trends
  • able to see all aspects of projects